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Very neat Crestron Sonnex and Dm install in a very tight space! #liveinstall

Amazon Alexa Controls Your Home!

1800x1200_amazon_woman_window.jpgPersonalising your home has never felt more individual & with Amazon Alexa connected to a Crestron home automation system, your voice alone has the power to command the world around you

Integrating with Amazon Alexa enables Crestron to offer the next generation of market leading home automation. Amazon Alexa, in-sync with Crestron connects with Alexa Voice Service allowing your wish to become a command. As the day begins simply ask Alexa to activate ‘morning theme’ for the blinds to slowly open, lights to go up, with a warm shower running waiting for you to start your day just right. With Crestron weaved into the fabric of your home you can manage light, temperature, audio and visual all at the touch of a button. Now, effortlessly connected with Amazon Alexa if you want to set the mood for an intimate dinner, or pump up the volume of your favorite song, you only have to ask. It’s your home, responding to your voice. Your home responding to your every need.

Technical Specifications

Amazon Alexa, in-sync with Crestron seamlessly connects the Alexa Voice Service with Crestron allowing you to manage light, temperature, audio and visual all via the sound of your voice.

Voice control using Crestron’s custom integration with the Amazon Alexa allows you to command:

  • Lights
  • Thermostat
  • Shades
  • Media
  • Presets

Crestron Sonos Native Integration!


You can now make your smart Crestron home work seamlessly with your Sonos smart speaker system. Control Sonos from Crestron touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and more.

If you love music, set it free. Crestron and Sonos in perfect rhythm.  From classic rock in the kitchen to progressive house in the shower, it's easy to set the right tone wherever you want to listen, whatever you want to listen to; with Sonos in sync with Crestron, the music goes with you.

The soundtrack to your life, music matters. It lifts the spirit and sets the mood, it's the start to the day and the sound of the night. Surround yourself with great music, with Sonos inside a Crestron home automation system. Sonos is the perfect partner to Crestron, seamlessly integrating their market leading technology with our own so that your music can flow freely, through every room in the house, with one touch. Launch the Sonos App through your Crestron system and cue up Favorites, find your perfect playlist and let the music do the talking.

Technical Specifications

You can now make your smart Crestron home work seamlessly with your Sonos Home Sound System. Control Sonos from Crestron touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and more. From your Crestron touchscreen you have the control to trigger Sonos favorites, play/pause, skip songs, view now playing information with artwork, and easily stop all Sonos zones with a touch of a button when you leave. To do even more, launch the Sonos App directly on you Crestron touchscreen (*on select models). Use this integration on all 3-series systems and with a future Pyng update, commission Sonos devices into your Pyng system by following a few simple steps in the Pyng app.

Natively control Sonos through your Crestron system:

  • Play, Pause, next and previous track selection
  • "Now Playing" metadata including album artwork
  • Volume up, down and mute
  • Browse and play Sonos Favorites
  • Create and modify Sonos Groups
  • Native support for Smart Graphics' Media Player
  • Launch the native Sonos Android app on select touchscreen models
  • Pyng support coming soon