Home automation transforms a standard house into a ‘smarthome’. The electrical and mechanical services in the house are controlled centrally via a processor from manufacturers such as Crestron or AMX. Your heating, lighting, security and audio visual systems are now fully integrated onto one touchscreen that allow you to change your room environment and then the room entertainment to suit you.


At the press of a button you can adjust the temperature of the room, dim the lights, and play your favourite piece of music. Crestron or AMX systems are global to the property and allow you to remotely control the lighting, temperature and entertainment in another room. A global house touchscreen is especially useful if you want to turn off lights or music left on by mistake in a room from another touchscreen at the front door on your way out for the day!

A smarthome can be controlled from another location by either a PC or phone. Securely logging in to check CCTV cameras or adjust lighting and climate control can reassure you that your home is safe and functioning as normal when you are away.