Watching a film or listening to music can now be subtly integrated into a living area, reception room, bedroom or kitchen without the equipment taking over your space.  With all your audio and video equipment centrally located out of view in a plant room or cupboard, you can select which room you would like to listen to music or watch a film in from that rooms touchscreen.  The music or film is then remotely selected from the media server and distributed in full HD over a Cat5, Cat6 or fibre infrastructure.


Watching a film doesn’t have to be restricted to just main living areas.  With a waterproof screen from Aquavision you can now enjoy watching the TV as per normal whilst having a shower or bath.

Media servers from Kaleidescape or Audio Request can be paired up with professional audio amplifiers and processors from industry leading manufacturers such as ADA, Arcam, Denon, Meridian & Lexicon.  Speaker systems can now be subtly integrated into the fabric of the room and the sound image produced by pro-audio manufacturers such as Anthony Gallo, Genelec, Image Audio, Kef, Klipsch, PMC, Procella and Velodyne.

Full 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby DTS and THX approved surround sound system can be integrated using inceiling or inwall speakers to give you a cinema experience in your own home.

Automated screen lifts and plasma lifts can provide a clever solution for discreetly hiding a screen behind a picture, in a ceiling or in a piece of furniture.  Fully automated from Future Automation, these screens will be revealed ready to watch and with the TV channel or film you selected ready to play.

A single remote or wireless touchscreen can take control of all your equipment so that only a single button press will carry out a series of commands to make sure that you have selected the correct channel on your SkyHD+ box or chapter on your BluRay disc, at the correct volume and the correct lighting level to enjoy your program or film.  Clever touchscreen remotes from RTI such as the T2C+ or the Crestron TPMC3X or TPMC4XGB are fully programmable to suit each application.