Modern lighting control systems can transform a room by allowing the user to set a scene, light level or create a mood at the press of one button from a touchscreen or control panel.


The light levels of each particular circuit can be set to suit the room application at that time.  A cinema scene may dim all lighting down to 10% or a dining scene may dim ceiling lights and wall lights to 10% leaving the chandelier above the dining table set to 50%. These scenes can be programmed into the home and each room can be individually set to suit the user. As these systems are globally networked, the main home touchscreen has control over the complete house lighting system. So if you are in a rush to leave the house and forget to turn off the lights on the top floor, you can press the “House Off” button on the touchscreen and it will turn all the lighting off in the house except for the welcome lights on the driveway.

With ever increasing energy costs, attention to lighting control is now more important than ever. By dimming a lamp by only a few per cent, it is possible to drastically reduce your energy bills and create a mood or scene to suit the application or mood you are in. We work with industry leaders in lighting control including Lutron, iLight and Philips Dynalite.