Interior Designers

Integrating technology into a home needs careful consideration so that only a minimal amount of equipment is ever visible.  We do not like clutter on the walls and all of the interior designers we work with appreciate this approach.

We work in beautiful and luxurious homes all over the World.  We apply the same ethos to each property no matter how big or small to ensure the rooms maintain their character and style specified by the interior designer and our technology is hidden when possible or subtly integrated

We start with conceptual sketches and renders and work with the Interior Designer and their team to propose and discuss the best way of balancing the client need for everyday technology without compromising the design.

Automated and mechanical products from manufacturers like Future Automation ( allow us to hide large format TV screens and projectors when they are not being used.

Keypads and touchscreens are now available in every RAL colour and material to ensure they blend into the chosen wall covering or paint finish.

Large format speakers are no longer required with modern advances in acoustic technology.  Speaker grilles can now be RAL matched or even the whole unit can be set UNDER the plaster finish so that the sound comes from a completely invisible source.